Important: Train The Trainer.

Thanks To Pokémon Go You Can Become a Real World Pokémon Trainer For Your Business.

Remember back to the 1990,s when a lot of us were either watching or playing Pokémon? Back then becoming a Pokémon trainer was probably top on your list of things you wanted to do when you grew up. Thanks to the brand new Pokémon Go app, you can make that a reality and earn some real cash to boost your business as a trainer in a variety of different ways.More Viral Ideas

Be Savvy: Level Up your Business

Earlier this week I came across a business savvy person who posted a detailed craigslist ad offering to play Pokémon Go for you and level up while you are at work or school. While I think you need to work out things like privacy and security when it comes to taking someone’s phone and walking around the neighborhood for a few hours, it’s a clever idea and a fun way to get paid to play the game.

4 More Ideas to Boost Your Bottom Line.

  1. In a similar direction what if you set up a new Google account for a particular niche market and connect it to the app with the goal of building up a high level account. Then play away with the goal of selling the Pokémon account to someone who wants to save sometime, or impress his or her friends. This has been working well for decades for RPG games like World of Warcraft with people making a fulltime income selling levelled up game characters. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work for Pokémon Go as well.Get Fit While Increasing Your Bottom Line
  2. Here’s another great way to become a Pokémon trainer and earn a little cash. Offer a couple of walking tours in your area where you show new players how to get started and introduce them to the local spots they need to know. This could go gang busters if you are in the travel and tourism business relating informative local knowledge to your tours. You have an opportunity to work with a group of people who each pay you a fee for your services or take a set fee for say 10 -15 people, this method allows you to easily make a decent hourly wage. Of course offering one-on-one training sessions for those who want to pay more is another great option.
  3. If you’re a personal trainer, why not incorporate Pokémon Go and make a fun and interactive walking workout. Familiarize yourself with the app and then take your walking class on a fast walk from spot to spot, hatching eggs along the way.
  4. One last idea before I let you go and plot your own strategy for becoming a paid Pokémon trainer. Kids will love to play this game and parents are always looking for ways to keep them entertained and get them outside. Why not offer to take kids out and about for an hour or two to go Pokémon hunting. It’ll be a variation on babysitting that older kids won’t mind.

While I don’t expect anyone to make a full-time income as a paid Pokémon trainer, it’s a fun way to make a little extra on the side. Use it to pay off bills, take a vacation, pay your phone bill, or grab some Pokémon merchandise.

When starting a new business every dollar helps. Give yourself the best chance to succeed.Small Business Treasures Signature

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