What are you storing inside?

Blogging About Your Small Business

When you think about blogging, what comes to mind? Is it a way to communicate to family, friends or groups about everything you have experienced, everything you are experiencing and lessons learn’t. A way to share travel stories, interests and connect with others or just an outlet to express some thoughts.What are you storing inside?

Be a Small Business Blogger

Hold on, lets take a step back. If blogging has become so important to the way we communicate personally why are you not blogging about your Small Business? Isn’t Small Business all about engaging with your customer, learning their needs and want’s so that the benefits of using your products and services will align with those needs and wants.

The majority of small businesses already have some sort of web presence whether it is a  web site or an attachment via social media. The old way of communicating with our customers geographically niche d our small business. If you had a shop front in your towns main street the traffic into your business was based on your location. Now with blogging available, your small business has the capability to compete globally and the best shop front location is the first page on Google. But do not make the mistake of thinking that everything is a given.

Successfully Blogging About Your Small Business

To be successful at blogging about your Small Business and achieving a first page listing on Google will take a bit of effort, a lot of planning and a willingness to build a community of followers (customers).

Blogging about your Small Business does have its challenges and you need to question yourself on your content. For example;

  • What do you want your blog to do for your small business?
  • Do you want to sell your products or services by informing your customers of the benefits of using your small business?
  • Do you have a brand you want to grow?
  • Do you want to build your customer base?

Blogging about your Small Business will require a commitment as you would do for any other part of your business. A constant nurturing of your readers (customers/clients), supplying information that will help them solve a problem or improve the position that they are now in. As always it is usually the newest activity that the small business entrepreneur cuts when they get busy. This is the time when you stop and consider. Why all of a sudden are you busy? Maybe you need to organise your activities better. Anything but cutting your blog from the picture.

Five Small Business Treasures

  1. Share stories about your business. What happens behind the scenes?
  2. Converse the information about your product/service, do not present the information. Tell a story.
  3. Be seen as a resource, a guru on your subject.
  4. It is not what you say that matters it is what your readers hear.
  5. Master the basics of blogging about your small business. make your blog read well and look good.

A Bonus from the Treasure Chest:-

A lot of us do not like the thought of writing our own content or just feel that it is in the to hard basket. Well there is another way. Consider what your time is worth, now what if you could pay somebody a fraction of that amount to write your blog posts for you. You can outsource everything. (more later on this)

For those entrepreneurs that want to bask in the glory of creating something themselves I would recommend you take a look at Year of The Blogger. This is a comprehensive online course that teaches you the correct methods of Blogging about your Small Business.

Share the best Small Business blog post you have read below in the comments section.

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    Hi Craig,

    I believe that blogging for your business is a really good way to boost any business & the beauty is that business owners don’t have to create content themselves if they don’t want to, there are plenty of places to outsource content creation for a reasonable price.

    I use blogging as a vehicle for affiliate marketing & find it to be a lot of fun, connecting with like minded marketers such as yourself is a fun way to boost online presence & reach out to fellow bloggers : )

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