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About Us

Firstly welcome to our online presence where you will find a treasure chest full of Tips for the Small Business Owner. Our intention for Small Business Treasures is to take you on a journey of discovery, following a treasure map that leads you to successfully operating a Small Business.

You will be able to use Small Business Treasures as a innovative business resource, where you can draw upon the success and knowledge of other small business owners. Join us as we navigate along a path that may allow us one of life’s great pleasures, fulfillment.Small Business Owners

Tips for the Small Business Owner

Some of the areas that we will cover are.

  • Research (Identifying where the opportunities lie).
  • Planning (Your own personal treasure map).
  • Starting your Small Business (The foundations required for a successful journey).
  • Marketing (Online, offline, a treasure chest full of ideas).
  • Operations (Small Business Treasures takes a look at your performance).
  • Finances (Show me the treasure).

The Treasure Map

Small Business Treasures will guide and assist by helping the Small Business Owner develop the resources required to find their own treasure chest. We know Small Business ownership can be frustrating and at times disappointing and things just don’t go as they are planned. For this reason we have started a Facebook fan page (click here) where you can interact with other Small Business Owners, ask us questions and place suggestions that may help other users of Small Business Treasures.

The Treasure Chest

We are Small Business Owners and ultimately what we have learned has made our life’s more fulfilling. Owning a successful small business requires commitment, knowledge and passion. It also helps to share all the slides and bumps on the way. We wish you the best of success on your journey to the treasure chest. So join us on an adventure of a life time following the treasure map to your success.


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