Pokemon Go can bring you new Business.

Attract More Traffic To Your Business: Use Pokémon Go

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you would have noticed the latest craze to hit the country is a rebooted  franchise brought back as a mobile phone app. This is no time to cringe, as opportunity knocks for the savvy business owner.Opportunity Knocks

Pokémon Go could be your ticket to drive more traffic to your local business. We have all heard of the game and chances are you have seen people in your town and in your neighborhood walking around looking at their phones, catching Pokémon.
Just the fact that people are walking around is good news for your business. The bad news is that their eyes are looked on their screens. The challenge that we have as businesses owners will be how to take advantage of this increase in foot traffic and turn it into more paying customers for your business or service. The solution is engaging in the gaming craze in a smart way.

 Lure That Foot Traffic To Your Front Door

One of the most relevant functions of the game are Poke’ stops and if you are fortunate enough to have one close to your business, customers will walk into your door happily. Poke’ stops appear on the game interface as blue landmarks on a map which allow players to collect in-game items. on these landmarks players can place lure modules which as the name suggests, function as a lure for nearby Pokémon.

Simply drop a lure module on your nearby Poke’ stop, let people know about it and watch the customers pour into your premises. This seems to work particularly well if you’re a food and drink establishment where customers can grab a quick snack or cold drink before heading back outside to catch that elusive Pokémon. That being said, since almost everyone is playing Pokémon Go, how would you like to make this work for just about any product or service?

Here’s 5 steps to help this viral game work for Your Business.

  1. Heads UpDownload the app and go to the store inside the interface.
  2. Buy a pack of lures and drop them one at a time at the nearby Poke’ stop. They last for 30 minutes each and with your new income of Pokémon, trainers will follow.
  3. Announce what you’re about to do on Social Media.
  4. Grab an A-frame or a blackboard and let all the street traffic know what you are about to do, this will help grab their attention as well.
  5. Make sure to make your Pokémon Go username the same as your business name.

Time to be Fun and Creative with your Marketing – Engage in The Social Craze

Marketing your business is all about engaging with your potential customers, building a trust factor that allows them to have an emotional connection with you, your staff and your products.

Here is 4 more ways to start a frenzy of chatter about your business.

  • Use Pokémon as a way to connect with your customer or client.
  • Start playing and share the Pokémon you find on your store’s social media outlets.
  • Ask customers to share screenshots of Pokémon they have captured in your store.
  • Promote popular hashtags like #pokemongo #yourbusinessnamego.

Bonus Traffic Lure

Something else that will entice a following to your business is to get creative and offer special discounts and offers for fans of the game. If you know of a Pokémon character that’s fairly rare in your area, offer a discount to any customer that comes in and can show you that they have been lucky enough to catch one.

Or Try This:

Create a lunch or drink special, put together a “Pokémon Go Survival Pack”, or start offering Pokémon merchandise as prizes for the best new product ideas for your business.
The important part is that you become part of the conversation and engage with your audience. It will make them remember you long after this latest craze is over.

One More Opportunity

Hit The Pokémon Gym and Pokémon Stops if it makes sense for your business.Gotch You.
There are plenty of Gyms and PokéStops where players will congregate. They will be easy to find by the crowd of people gathering around staring at their screens. You can also find them with the app on your phone.

If you notice a particularly busy spot, consider opening up a pop-up shop there. Take your merchandise on the road (checking with local regulations of course) and peddle your wares to fellow gamers in those areas. If that’s not an option, create some promotional material that ties the game and your store together (with a special Pokémon inspired coupon for example) and head out there and distribute it to players.

You could even create a Pokémon inspired event at your store and advertise it locally at the busy Gyms and PokéStops along with social media and your usual advertising outlets. Hold a Pokémon party where you offer discounts and promise to lure plenty of Pokémon to catch.

Get creative and take advantage of this latest gaming craze to grow your business. Have some fun.

Blogging About Your Small Business

When you think about blogging, what comes to mind? Is it a way to communicate to family, friends or groups about everything you have experienced, everything you are experiencing and lessons learn’t. A way to share travel stories, interests and connect with others or just an outlet to express some thoughts.What are you storing inside?

Be a Small Business Blogger

Hold on, lets take a step back. If blogging has become so important to the way we communicate personally why are you not blogging about your Small Business? Isn’t Small Business all about engaging with your customer, learning their needs and want’s so that the benefits of using your products and services will align with those needs and wants.

The majority of small businesses already have some sort of web presence whether it is a  web site or an attachment via social media. The old way of communicating with our customers geographically niche d our small business. If you had a shop front in your towns main street the traffic into your business was based on your location. Now with blogging available, your small business has the capability to compete globally and the best shop front location is the first page on Google. But do not make the mistake of thinking that everything is a given.

Successfully Blogging About Your Small Business

To be successful at blogging about your Small Business and achieving a first page listing on Google will take a bit of effort, a lot of planning and a willingness to build a community of followers (customers).

Blogging about your Small Business does have its challenges and you need to question yourself on your content. For example;

  • What do you want your blog to do for your small business?
  • Do you want to sell your products or services by informing your customers of the benefits of using your small business?
  • Do you have a brand you want to grow?
  • Do you want to build your customer base?

Blogging about your Small Business will require a commitment as you would do for any other part of your business. A constant nurturing of your readers (customers/clients), supplying information that will help them solve a problem or improve the position that they are now in. As always it is usually the newest activity that the small business entrepreneur cuts when they get busy. This is the time when you stop and consider. Why all of a sudden are you busy? Maybe you need to organise your activities better. Anything but cutting your blog from the picture.

Five Small Business Treasures

  1. Share stories about your business. What happens behind the scenes?
  2. Converse the information about your product/service, do not present the information. Tell a story.
  3. Be seen as a resource, a guru on your subject.
  4. It is not what you say that matters it is what your readers hear.
  5. Master the basics of blogging about your small business. make your blog read well and look good.

A Bonus from the Treasure Chest:-

A lot of us do not like the thought of writing our own content or just feel that it is in the to hard basket. Well there is another way. Consider what your time is worth, now what if you could pay somebody a fraction of that amount to write your blog posts for you. You can outsource everything. (more later on this)

For those entrepreneurs that want to bask in the glory of creating something themselves I would recommend you take a look at Year of The Blogger. This is a comprehensive online course that teaches you the correct methods of Blogging about your Small Business.

Share the best Small Business blog post you have read below in the comments section.

Small Business Treasures Signature

Small Business Marketing

What does Marketing mean to the small business entrepreneur? Many of us consider marketing to be exposing your product to the public or business arena via some sort of media outlet. Small Business marketing is much more then that, it involves a much deeper targeted proposal.

Marketing, Money, do the first you get the second

Outstanding Value

What is Small Business Marketing

Simply it is the process of which a business owner decides what they will sell, to whom they will sell to, when they will sell and how they will sell. Having the ability to identify and satisfy your customers needs will always start you on the road to the treasure chest of profit.

Small Business Marketing is also about educating your customer and daring to be different then the competition. Communication is the key, if your prospective customer does not understand your product or service, why should they give you their hard earned cash. The customer needs to be informed about what you have available, the products benefits, what is it going to do for them, how is it going to make their life richer, how do they buy this product or service from you.

Target Marketing

In our treasure chest today we have a wide demographic of customers. Small Business Marketing allows us to find out who, what, why, when, where and how we will find and service a core group of profitable customers. Ask your self these questions. Your bonus gift, is the answers will be valuable information for your small business marketing plan.

  • Who  –  is your target market? Be specific about who your prospective customer is.
  • What  –  does your customer really want? Is this what you are providing or do they need persuading? Will they still feel happy about their purchase when they arrive home?
  • Why  –  would your customers want your product? What are the benefits to them? What is their motive to purchase?
  • When  –  will they buy? Is your product reactive to seasonal change?
  • Where  –  are your customers now? Do they tend to group up, because they have the same problems? Network.
  • How  –  do you reach your small business target market? What avenues are available to you to get your message across?

Now this is a Tip Straight from the Chest

To be successful at Small Business Marketing you need to recognize that you are not in business to sell products or services, you are in business to create outstanding value. Value that contributes to solving a problem or fulfilling a desire. That my fellow entrepreneurs is the money shot. Tap into your customers desires or problems, satisfy their needs by communicating what is possible.

Five Small Business Treasures

  1. Dare to be different. Always take a step forward.
  2. Adjust your product or service to suit your customers desires.
  3. Small Business Marketing is all about them, not you.
  4. Be clear and specific about what you are trying to achieve.
  5. Create outstanding value.

Small Business Marketing is a vital skill for any entrepreneur and the one piece of gold to take away from this blog post is, create outstanding value and be famous for it.